Corby Voiz


Corby Voiz has been delivering Voice based solutions for over a decade and have mastered all the possible corner achievable in the arena. Harnessing the latest technologies in the industry Corby enjoy the rank of front runner with a clean lead ahead of its competitors. Corby voiz claims that they are one among the few voip service providers in the world who have crystal clear voice termination to any corner of the world where you have any type of telephone network available. Corby Voiz has reached the peak by offering the following services to our customers

VoIP Based Telephone Devices

This the era of telephone to PC Integration, Large corporation working at a multi national level can save a huge chunk of their telephone bills using Voip Based Telephone Devices.

Post Paid Call Packages

Why pay your telephone bills when you can pay a much cheaper bill on VoiP, Our servies are known for its enourmous cheap call reats globally on selecting the monthly pay package.

Prepaid Call Packages

If you donít have frequent long distance calls, then why not choose our prepaid services, pay as you use ONLY. Top up from as little as £5. No subscription fees, no hidden charges..

FnF Numbers

Add your frequently called numbers of the loved one to FnF list and call then through a much more cheaper call rates

Enhanced Technology services

Simplify and integrate your communications, using our Fax-to-Email service and CTI Client. This is an upcoming service Corby Voiz will be launching shortly.